Welcome to the blog of the Phyre Dojo – The PHYREKEEPER. In the Phyre Dojo, fire is spelled “Phyre” for two specific reasons. 1) to separate it from the millions of “friction fire” search engine results. 2) “Phyre,” by my definition, specifically means “a life supporting fire.” This separates it from any other kind of fire, like for example – fire engine red, a house fire, fire hydrant, etc. A Phyre provides heat, light, water purification, cooks food, makes tools, dries meats, smokes jerky, etc. All “life supporting needs.” So, therefore, a “PhyreKeeper” is someone whose vocation is to be able to provide that life supporting Phyre.

1st Rule of Phyre Dojo...

1st Rule of Phyre Dojo…

If you are looking to acquire the ethical, life supporting skills of Phryction PhyreKeeping, the Phyre Dojo is your “Place of the Way.” Here, you can train in EVERY method in the world. My standard demonstrations, as a matter of fact, include all of those methods and some variations within a 3 hour period with explanations. Please feel free to email me with any and all questions you might have if you’re stuck on a method or technique variation and materials. The Phyre Dojo is about consistent, reproducible results. This skill is one of the handful of reasons humanity is where it is today.

Take Phyre

A coal-ember achieved from a Solid Bamboo 10 mm “Chopstick” spindle used on a 12 mm Bamboo base. Did I mention Bamboo was my favorite material?

I am nearing the end of a huge project. This August, which I feel it will be completed, I will have created the world’s largest and most complete reference media on the subject of Phryction Phyremaking, having taken 3 years to do so. It will not only contain multiple variations of the world’s basic methods (which I call the Primal 8 Basics,) but dozens of unique methods and techniques as well. It will be called the Hiden Denki Densho, or translated from Japanese – “trade secrets, electric video, scroll.” Currently, it is 68 DVD’s, each one about an hour long and completely subtitled. Every DVD also contains instrumental music from Din Within. Check them out.

My daughter, Alexa, got her first coal-ember at 4 years old with a device I made for her.

“Daddy’s Little Monkey.” My daughter, Alexa, got her first coal-ember at 4 years old with a device I made for her.

At the Phyre Dojo, training in the world’s Phryction Phyre methods is only the beginning. Most people learn a few methods like the (BD) Bow Drill and the (HD) Hand Drill. Most don’t know or do the “linear” methods of Phyre Plow, Phyre Saw and the elusive Phyre Thong. Note that the Phyre Dojo logo contains representative “characters” of all the world’s methods, the Primal 8 Basics. The real fun begins by experimenting with different materials which I call “PhyreHacking.” And then, coming up with innovative ways of doing and achieving Phryction Phyre through a fusion of the primitive and the modern. My kids have made coals easily with them.

"Where no one has gone before." Can you get Phyre from a Star Trek Klingon Bat'leth Sword Weapon. Done!

“Where no one has gone before.” Can you get Phyre from a Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth Sword Weapon. Done!

Can you get Phyre from an acoustic guitar? Can inspiration come from an Iron Chef? (The original Japanese Iron Chefs. Not the new American Iron Chefs.) Yes and Yes. All this and more will be on video in the Hiden Denki Densho. If “Jerry Maguire” practiced Phryction Phyre, he would say, “Show me the Coal!” The Phyre Dojo takes the working model of training within Soke Hatsumi’s Bujinkan Dojo warriorship martial arts and applies it to the life supporting skill of Phryction PhyreKeeping. We start from a “basic kata,” and then take it to variations where it becomes almost unrecognizable – but remains completely functional. It moves from a science to an art.

My plan is to blog at least every Friday. “Phryday.” Or, whenever inspiration strikes. If the primal urge to create Phyre strikes you, the Phyre Dojo is here. The world’s only “Place of the Way” dedicated to Phryction PhyreKeeping. Because everything else is just “friction fire.”

May everyone around you feel and be safer because you are there.

Joe Lau, RN AE-C