Hello Global Tribe of PhyreKeepers (GTOP)!

   02/07/2020 – Our 6th Vlog opens with “getting crazy” with  Phyre Dojo’s “Primal Basic #4″ (PB4): The (PD) Pump Drill. I didn’t have time this week to do a new PhyreHack ( igniting a new material I’ve never done before.) I have gotten some new tools for my Workshop and have been trying to learn new software…. YAAAAAYYYY….. (Not!) I pulled this from my Hiden Denki Densho video archive just to show you how I’m not just playing “Mad Scientist,” but also “Mad Sensei.”

   If I remember correctly, this was about 2012. I was experimenting with all the Primal Basic 8 Methods (PB8). In this one instance, in going with the “Dojo” theme, I decided to try my hand at turning one of my (many) practice swords, in this case, a “SHINAI” or Bamboo Practice Sword specifically used for the Japanese art of KENDO! into a large (PD) Pump Drill. 

   Here, I use the SHINAI as a (PD) Pump Drill Spindle by adding a giant Pressure Bar Brace (PBB) and a large wooden block FlyWheel. 

Other videos include using FlyWheels of: Soapstone, Clay Wheel, Bamboo Slats, Rocks, Chopping Blocks, SawBlades, etc….

Enjoy! (BTW – Opening Music by: www.DinWithin.com)!

   There is a Universe of many other Methods (Basics) waiting for you to Discover and Explore…

   Still VERY busy trying to update my PhyreDojo site and fulfilling Orders while making these VLOGS and Balancing Life in general…

Gambarimasho Yo! (Japanese for “Let’s Keep Going!)

“May everyone around you feel and be safer because you are there.”

Joe Lau, RN

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