About Phyre Dojo

Basically its just me, but my wife and kids graciously help me with my annoying requests...


“Place Of The Way” or DOJO in Japanese, for the S.T.E.A.M. Skills of Wood and Plant (and Grass) Phryction PhyreKeeping.


Phyre Dojo is the World’s ONLY “Place Of The Way” dedicated and commited to solely Wood Phryction PhyreKeeping.

Phyre Dojo Educates and Supports The Global Tribe Of Phryction PhyreKeepers (GTOP).

Phyre Dojo Trains and Teaches that the Known S.T.E.A.M. Universe of Phryction Phyrekeeping… Is Only the Beginning.


Phyre Dojo will support The Global Tribe of Phryction PhyreKeepers

who strive to Master their craft, in order to care for their Tribe:

Through Scientific Method,

Creating Functional Technology,

Engineering Built Structures,

With innovative Artistry,

Using Mathematical measurements.

Can you remember? Can you think back, feel back to when you looked at two sticks on the ground and tried rubbing them together to get a Phyre? Today, to many across the globe, the skill of rubbing sticks together to make Phyre is a legend, a mythology, a story…

The Phyre Dojo is here to not only fulfill that instinctual longing (like taking couch pillows and making a “fort,”) but to extend the whole world of Phryction PhyreKeeping to those who wish to go beyond just getting their first Phyre.

The Phyre Dojo teaches and trains in not only the world’s most well known Phryction Phyre methods, what I call the “Primal 8 Basics” and their variations, but goes on to physically demonstrate dozens of unique method and technique variations you can only imagine. After clarifying, organizing and classifying the world’s Primal 8 Basic Phryction Phyre methods, I discovered their common denominators in order to be able to create and re-invent dozens of others.

Some of the examples I challenged myself to accomplish was getting my four year old daughter and eight year old son (at the time) to be able to get a Phryction Phyre all by themselves with devices I created especially for them. I was and am able to get Phryction Phyre from not just the hardest woods in the world, but the hardest wood in the world.

I have created a “tell all, nothing left out, nothing withheld” educational video media available to all as a membership called the “Hiden Denki Densho,” which is, roughly, Japanese for ”Trade Secrets Electronic Scroll.” Literally everything I know and can do, you can too.

The Phyre Dojo teaches and trains in the life supporting and moral/ethical practice of Phryction PhyreKeeping. “Because everything else is just Friction Fire.”

The Phyre Dojo’s training methods are clarified into two parts.

First, is the Hiden Denki Densho, which gives background on your instructor – “Sensei” Joe Lau – an extensive ethical foundation of the Phryction PhyreKeeper and a complete detailing of not only the well known “Primal 8 Basics” or methods of Wood Phryction PhyreKeeping, but dozens of unique and original technique, method and design variations as well. A membership also gives you complete communication priority to me, (email, Skype video, whatever we coordinate,) to work through any Phryction PhyreKeeping problem you might be having that you’ve been working on.

Second, is a complete hands-on Demo/Workshop that allows you to experience first-hand the methods and designs explained in the “Trade Secret Electronic Scroll.”

If you’re ready to go far beyond into the Universe of Phryction Phyrekeeping, then we’re ready for you. Because everything else is just “Friction Fire.”

Attention All Scouts! (Or anybody for that matter.) Feel free to write me with any and all questions about the Primal 8 Basic methods!

  • (HD) HAND Drill
  • (MD) MOUTH Drill
  • (BD) BOW Drill
  • (PD) PUMP Drill
  • (TD) TOGGLE Drill
  • (PP) Phyre PLOW
  • (PS) Phyre SAW
  • (PT) Phyre THONG

GAMBARIMASHO YO! (Let’s Keep Going!)

About “Sensei” Joe Lau

Many factors led me to the creation of the one and only dojo or “place of the way” (in Japanese,) dedicated to the life saving, supporting and promoting skills of Wood Phryction PhyreKeeping.

I grew up as an unhealthy child with a diagnosis of moderate to severe asthma having inherited this condition from my father. This early struggle with life and death situations led to a lifetime of searching for a clarification and understanding of Human Nature.

Following the early death of my father, I sought out the aspects of Human Nature to find out what makes humans great and to problem solve their imbalances.

This journey led me to training in wilderness and nature skills and in martial arts. Here I began to understand some of the patterns of Nature, Mother Nature and Human Nature. I also began to see the greatness of Humanity in their answering of the callings to service in the balancing roles of the Information Gatherer or Scout (Profiler), the Sustainer or Hunter-Gatherer (Provider), the Defender or Warrior (Protector) and the Saver or Healer (Preserver). My personal training theories are called the “Tao of Lau.”

These were clarified by the discoveries of the Balanced Life Value Theory as was taught by the late Dr. Robert L. Humphrey, a World War II Iwo Jima Marine and Worldwide Cross Cultural Conflict Resolutionist during the Cold War whose specialty was dealing with “Ugly Americanism.”

Currently, I am Home Healthcare RN and a Certified Asthma Educator.  I am a consultant in Jack Hoban’s Resolution Group International where I lecture on Dealing with Behavioral Emergencies in Healthcare.  I have taught Wilderness Skills, Ethics and Martial Arts in other parts of the US and in Germany and Japan. Formerly, I was an Emergency Room RN for six years, and I was a Senior Instructor at one of the world’s largest Nature and Wilderness Survival School for 5 years. Now, I call my greatest achievements to date as his being a father and husband. A more detailed bio is contained within the Hiden Denki Densho.

About Jacob & Alexa Lau

Phyre Boy & Phyre Girl

Jake got his first Phryction Phyre in March 2011 with a device that I named after him when he was 8 years old.

Alexa got her first Phryction Phyre at age 4 with a device especially made for her. It’s even her favorite color – pink! She was my key component in my research and development of my theories about Phryction Phyre. She is probably the youngest girl in the world to start a Phryction Phyre and get a coal.

Jake & Alexa appear constantly within my video series – the Hiden Denki Densho and in my PhyreKeeper posts & You Tube videos.

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