#0010 – Phyre Phryday V/Blog 03/06/2020 – “PHUELS” & THE TIPI PHYRE STRUCTURE (Video from 07/05/2011!)

Hello Global Tribe of PhyreKeepers (GTOP)!

   03/06/2020 – Our 10th Vlog opens with an old video I made on the subject of the TIPI PHYRE STRUCTURE and it’s fuels (“PHUELS!”) Remember, “Phyre” means “a Life Supporting Fire” which separates itself from any other fire. So, although “fuels” can be anything that feeds a fire, “Phuels” are that which feed “a Life Supporting Fire.”

   Unfortunately, I had to deal last minute with my Jeep going in the shop, having to deal with getting a rental vehicle, learning and getting ready to administer a new type of medicine for some of my patients that I visit for my Nursing work, and getting my son’s laptop fixed… I couldn’t finish the PHYREHACK (materials I’ve NEVER done before) that I had planned for this week, which will be a New England Aster (Symphyotrichum Novae-Angliae) (HD) Hand Drill Spindle on a Banak (Virola) HearthBoard with a Pressure Thumb Brace.



   The “Phuels and Tipi Structure” Video is one of the videos on my HIDEN DENKI DENSHO Online Course Series on Teachable.com. I apologize in advance for the poor quality video and it’s pixelation blurriness. I was learning about videoing back then… ENJOY!


   There is a Universe of many other Methods (Basics) waiting for you to Discover and Explore…

   Still VERY busy trying to update my PhyreDojo site and fulfilling Orders while making these VLOGS and Balancing Life in general…

Gambarimasho Yo! (Japanese for “Let’s Keep Going!)

“May everyone around you feel and be safer because you are there.”

Joe Lau, RN

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