#0017 – Phyre Phryday V/Blog 04/24/2020 – Another (HD) Hand Drill Test

Hello Global Tribe of PhyreKeepers (GTOP)!

   04/24/2020 – Our 17th Vlog opens with the video to your right showing testing yet another (HD) Hand Drill order that’s ready for shipping.

   This particular Set has some more than usual devices… It is BOTH a “Neo-Prometheus” Set (with Plant Stalk Spindles) AND a “Neo-Igneus” Set (with a Reloader Spindle). This Set contains:

> 2 Plant Stalk Spindles. A Goldenrod (Solidago Spp.) and a Horseweed (Conyza Canadensis).

> A Reloader Spindle made of Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana).

> Reloads of Evening Primrose (Oenothera Biennis).

> A Chamois (“Shammy”) Sheepskin (PTB) Pressure Thumb Brace.

> 60 Socket/Notch HearthBoard of Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens).

The person that ordered was asked what his favorite trees/woods might be. He mentioned a few: Aspen, Juniper, Pine… The other two thirds of this order will be an Aspen {Cottonwood/Aspen/Poplar [C.A.P.]} (Poplus Spp.) (MD) Mouth Drill Set with Reloads and a Pine (Pinus Spp.) Bow Drill Set with an E. Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana) Bow and (PHB) Pressure Hand Brace.


When it comes right down to it, ALL Sets that Phyre Dojo creates are CUSTOM to those who order.

Just as an unfortunate reminder, Phyre Dojo is NOT accepting new orders for the next 3 months so I can catch up on doing things around the house that can no longer be put off. If Phyre Dojo has orders, that stuff will always be put off.


There is a Universe of many other Methods (Basics) waiting for you to Discover and Explore…

   Still VERY busy trying to update my PhyreDojo site and fulfilling Orders while making these VLOGS and Balancing Life in general…

Gambarimasho Yo! (Japanese for “Let’s Keep Going!)

“May everyone around you feel and be safer because you are there.”

Joe Lau, RN

   As always, Phyre Dojo is available and here to support the Global Tribe of PhyreKeepers toward Mastery of Phryction PhyreKeeping.

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