#0018 – Phyre Phryday V/Blog 05/01/2020 – Oak & Osage Orange (CD) Crutch Drills (from 2011)

Hello Global Tribe of PhyreKeepers (GTOP)!

   05/01/2020 – Our 18th Vlog opens with the video to your right (Now, I’m always uncomfortable sounding like a commercial…) from my TEACHABLE Online Course – “Mastering the Universe of Phryction PhyreKeeping.” 

   I recently posted some photos of my having aquired a 2″ thick Osage Orange (Maclura Pomifera) slab that was at it’s widest point 14″ and was 70″ in length… BEFORE I CUT IT UP. I KNOW – Heresy & Blasphemy! – for Phryction Phyremaking Devices. I have re-posted those FaceBook photos under the video to the right.

   But, in the Phyre Dojo, it can be scientifically demonstrated, with undeniable, untenable proof with evidence that any and all “qualifying”  woods can be ignited through Phryction PhyreKeeping methods – no matter what the hardness is. 

   Phyre Dojo’s greatest claim to fame as doing one of the hardest woods in the world – BULOKE (Allocasurina Luehmannii) from Australia, almost Janka Hardness Scale 5000! – which is also on video within my series (again, uncomfortable being a commercial.)

   Since the Osage Orange I cut up is not seasoned (still a little “green” i.e. feels moist still and needs to sit and dry for 1 1/2 to 2 years…), AND 2 people SPECIFICALLY asked to see the proof of Osage Orange Phryction Phyre, I decided to pull the footage from 2011 when I had put my series together. I say this on my site and will repeat it here – I apologize for the grainy and fuzzy  videoing. Back then I was still learning and had less preferrable equipment…)

   Just to give you an idea of the series, I do some basic intro to Phryction PhyreKeeping stuff, then I go through EVERY KNOWN METHOD IN THE WORLD and HOW they work (showing multiple variations), WHY they are placed in the order that Phyre Dojo places them in according to your situational circumstances, and WHAT materials are preferrable as to what Method for certain Devices. That’s the 1st half…. and that’s 3 FULL days of video viewing footage already.

   The 2nd half of the series, is a demonstration of “JAZZ” after learning the “SCALES”, to use a musical reference that my Sensei uses often with us in training in martial arts. The PRINCIPLES are then shown how to BALANCE materials and devices in  ways never before though possible (I know…. sounding like a commercial… sorry.)

   Part 1 shown BRIEFLY and HIGHLY CONDENSED in this order:

The “Axis” Drill Methods –

(HD) Hand Drills (and their variations), 

(MD) Mouth Drills (and their variations),

(BD) Bow Drills (and their variations including (ED) Egyptian Drills, (CD) Crutch Drills and (GD) Giant Drills)

(PD) Pump Drills (and their variations), 

(TD)Toggle Drills (and their variations), (used for the hardest woods in the World),

then the “Linear Methods”, 

(PP) Phyre Plow (and their variations), 

(PS) Phyre Saw (and their variations), 

(PT) Phyre Thong (and their variations),…

The video shown is pulled from the (CD) Crutch Drill section of the series. I had already demo’ed making and using your own OAK (ED) Egyptian Drill and (CD) Crutch Drill in a past VLOG, so I’ll show you again for positive reinforcement and that using WOODS of these hardnesses should no longer be scary, nor intimidating, just challenging. This is followed by my Osage Orange (CD) Crutch Drill.



There is a Universe of many other Methods (Basics) waiting for you to Discover and Explore…

   Still VERY busy trying to update my PhyreDojo site and fulfilling Orders while making these VLOGS and Balancing Life in general…

Gambarimasho Yo! (Japanese for “Let’s Keep Going!)

“May everyone around you feel and be safer because you are there.”

Joe Lau, RN

   As always, Phyre Dojo is available and here to support the Global Tribe of PhyreKeepers toward Mastery of Phryction PhyreKeeping.

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