#0048 – Phyre Phryday VLOG 09/17/2021 – HIDEN DENKI DENSHO Sections 3 & 4, Plum Part 2, Ailanthus/Black Walnut/Cherry Part 1, “Defurring” HearthBoards, (ED) Spindle Lumen Drilling

Color Codes:

RED = Materials,

BLUE = Link,

PURPLE = Method/Technique,

GREEN = Janka Hardness

Hello Global Tribe of PhyreKeepers (GTOP)!

09/17/2021 – Welcome to Phyre Dojo’s 48th Phyre Phryday Vlog.

I jump around a little in this week’s VLOG.

1st, I give to you Sections #003 & #004 from Phyre Dojo’s (FORMER ONLINE COURSE) the “HIDEN DENKI DENSHO” or “HDD”. Hiden Denki Densho roughly translates from Japanese to “Trade Secrets, Electronic, Scroll.”

Section #003 is about a quick Personal History on me. Not that anyone cares – up until 2010. Of course that’s 11 Years ago. I filmed the HDD from 2010 – 2014.

Section #004 is called “The Tao Of Lau”, which serves to explain the Moral and Ethical Philosphy Phyre Dojo is based upon. In a NUTSHELL… Phryction PhyreKeeping’s ORIGINAL FUNCTION was to SAVE LIVES. Therefore, Phyre Dojo’s Phryction PhyreKeeping keeps this Original Fuction at the Forefront in its Teaching and Training.

So, In this week’s VLOG, 

– I re-MILL and put the PLUM (ED) Egyptian Drill HearthBoard on the CNC Machine.

– I received an AILANTHUS ALTISSIMA “TREE OF HEAVEN” Slab of of eBay from West Virginia and MILL it and put the HearthBoard on the CNC.

– I explain “defurring” HearthBoards that come off the CNCs on some Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra) and Black Cherry (Prunus Serotina) (ED) Egyptian HearthBoards

– Andrew Mathias had a specific question on LUMEN DRILLING for the (ED) Egyptian Drill Spindles. Here, I explain how it do that.


This particular PLUM is a “THUNDERCLOUD” (Prunus Cerasifera) variation. It is NOT a domestic Plum Tree (Prunus Domestica).




AILANTHUS ALTISSIMA  “Tree of Heaven” (Ailanthus Altissima)



BLACK WALNUT (Juglans Nigra)



THEN, as promised, I am RELEASING PHYRE DOJO’s ONLINE COURSE CONTENT: the HIDEN DENKI DENSHO, into the wild to roam free….

Again, there are 46 Sections (currently) and I will be releasing these Sections every week until JULY 2022.

PLUM (Prunus Cerasifera) has an approximate JANKA HARDNESS of 1,550. This rating is (obviously) too hard/dense for a regular, standard (BD) Bow Drill, so the next (obvious) method is (ED) Egyptian Drill.

FOR COMPARISON: ( Atlantic White Cedar (Chamaecyparis Thoyoides) OR Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) (i.e. “Your Cedar (BD) Bow Drill“) are ONLY Janka Hardness Rated: 350…)

Janka hardness test – Wikipedia



There is a Universe of many other Methods (Basics) waiting for you to Discover and Explore…

   Still VERY busy trying to update my PhyreDojo site and fulfilling Orders while making these VLOGS and Balancing Life in general…

Gambarimasho Yo! (Japanese for “Let’s Keep Going!)

“May everyone around you feel and be safer because you are there.”Joe Lau, RN

   As always, Phyre Dojo is available and here to support the Global Tribe of PhyreKeepers toward Mastery of Phryction PhyreKeeping.



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