So, my son, Jake, who has started his college freshman year and completed his Eagle Rank requirements is learning about entrepreneurships. He did a cabinet woodworking project for his Eagle Project and is also looking to be handy and learn to contribute (as all young people should learn to do for their Tribes!)

I told my son that during my time as Senior Instructor at Tracker (1997-2001) I was in charge of the Sweat Lodge and my responsibility during the Sweat was to recite the Scout’s Prayer as I was representing the East Direction of the 4 Directions.

It is an intention of self-sacrifice and love for one’s Tribe, and I thought it would be one of the best inspirational words he could offer to people during these trying times as a reminder to just “Keep Going.”

Here are some photos of the Plaques. He will be making many more – so there is not a limited quantity. All ship out the next day except Sundays.

The 1st batch was made with 3/4″ Pine Panels. The Scout Prayer Plaques made now are made of quality 3/4″ Birch Plywood.

Plaques are semi-gloss “Dark Walnut” stained and polyurethaned for contrast and protection.

No sharp edges or splinters. The entire Plaque is Sanded. Front Edges are beveled/chamfered 45 degrees. The Back Edges are slightly rounded.

All Plaques are 22″ Long and 11″ Wide and 3/4″ Thick.

There is a single nail hole in the back for hanging.

They are $50.00 and my son lists transparently the costs:

Birch Plywood $8.00, USPS Priority Large Flat Rate Box Postage $22.00, Jake’s Time and Labor $25.00

EACH Plaque takes 5 Hours from start to finish.


Grandfather of all Scouts…
Teach me… to be the eyes of my people.
Teach me… to move like the shadow.
Allow me… to become the winds, the rocks, the soils,
and the life forces in all its forms.
Allow me… to suffer for my people and take away their pain.
Honor me… by allowing me to die for my people…
for I love my people beyond myself,
and I will sacrifice my all for my people, my Earth and You.
Test me… beyond all hardships and pain.
Create me… as you would forge a tool…
and if you find I am worthy…
then bless me as your servant…

Your Scout

From Master Scout “Shadow Walker” age 91.
Summer Vision Quest of 1807,
Panther Ridge, Mexico


Step 1) VENMO or PAYPAL Jake directly $50.00, and in the comments write: Scout Plaque, Your Name, Your Mailing Address.

Step 2) Jake sends you confirmation of your order.

Step 3) Jake sends you comfirmation of shipping out with the USPS Tracking #.

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Jake thanks you in advance and is happy you will stay inspired through his work and efforts.

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