Phyre Dojo’s 1st On-Site Workshop –

The “Phryction PhyreKeeping S.T.E.A.M. UX/UI Experience – WHITE BELT WORKSHOP”…

what a terrible name.

I don’t know what to call it because a workshop like this has never been run before.

Hello Global Tribe of PhyreKeepers (GTOP) – Andrew, Egon, Danny and Marcel!

You 4 are the only ones to sign up for the HDD before I placed it on YouTube online for free for Humanity. THEREFORE, THIS WORKSHOP IS YOUR WORKSHOP. 

(Side Note: Marcel and Andrew are coming to the Workshop. Regarding Egon and Danny, I sent Egon and Danny a SWEET GUM (Liquidambar Styraciflua) (ED) Egyptian Drill Set to get their attention to come to the Workshop in January. The YouTube video on this page to the side is an instructional for them to use the sets. Marcel and Andrew already have sets from me already.)

So, from Wednesday, JANUARY 25th to Sunday JANUARY 29th (Total of 4 days), I will be hosting a gathering, for you 4 only (although I may be inviting a few other instructors for feedback) which will be a Hands-On, User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) Workshop which will not only cover EVERY METHOD and ALL PRINCIPLES/VARIABLES of Phryction PhyreKeeping, there will be READY TO GO SETS available in most known MATERIALS. 

As of this writing, Phyre Dojo has >115 TREE WOOD SPECIES and > 40 Plants.

This Workshop will be broadcast LIVE on YouTube that weekend for FREE FOR ANYONE (to the best of my ability to make this a reality…). 

This Workshop will be the most involved, longest hands-on Workshop Phyre Dojo has ever run. In the past I have only been able to spend time demonstrating and explaining. HERE, everybody is going to get EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE.

This Workshop will be taught with the “Obsidian Standard.” What is the “Obsidian Standard?” It is the idea that when you learn a skill, you should first learn it with the best materials and technology. The hypothesis is that if you don’t, you will not know or have in mind what a high level of completion will even look like. After this, one would then work with lesser materials and techologies in order to push the skill under more difficult conditions. But, 1st one has to know what it is supposed to look like or where you’re going.

Phyre Dojo HIGHLY recommends you get and bring this book:

It will be our guide and also a notebook.

Making Phryction PhyreKeeping Sets is A LOT OF WORK. In fact, doing Phryction PhyreKeeping is 98% WORK: harvesting, processing, measuring, making… 1% is trying to light it up and 1% is fixing and readjustments when it doesn’t work the fist time….

Phyre Dojo has done this 98%. The whole Workshop is you lighting sets up and gaining the experience of what the highest standard of technology sets together with multiple various materials with give you the most amount of EXERIENCE in the shortest amount of time.

This Workshop is S.T.E.A.M. based.

SCIENCE: Empirical Evidence and Proof. Scientific Methods & Reasoning & Problem Solving.

TECHNOLOGY: We will be using the highest standard of Devices.

ENGINEERING: You will understand the building and creating of these Technologies through their use.

ART: You will see how creativity and imagination has moved and evolved the skill and vocation of Phryction PhyreKeeping.

MEASUREMENTS/MATH: Phyre Dojo will present an argument for Universal Standards for Devices and their DESIGNS.

Phyre Dojo chooses and emphasises TRAINING over Teaching. As in any “DOJO”, it is about DOING, not just talking or explaining. That’s why this is a UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) Workshop.

This will be the 1st ever Workshop held at MY HOME. It is necessary that my family’s space is respected since they live here. During the days we will be keeping to ourselves in our TRAINING. If you can’t locate an AIRBNB, the closest motel is this place:

It is within a short walking distance of not only my house, but all necessary shops and restaurants and convenience stores!

Phyre Dojo is going to be training you as though you are going to train others. I don’t just request, I demand you video record and post everything you are learning. 

Phyre Dojo will lead you through the LOGICAL PROGRESSION of all the Phryction PhyreKeeping Methods and Materials of: “MORE DEVICES, LESS EFFORT” LESS DEVICES, MORE EFFORT.” 

This is going to be a very PHYSICAL Workshop. However, there will be no late nights and plenty of breaks and rests in between. This is not a boot camp, but it will be CHALLENGING. I recommend you start working out and exercise at least a little before coming if you do not now… 



Gambarimasho Yo! (Japanese for “Let’s Keep Going!)

“May everyone around you feel and be safer because you are there.”Joe Lau, RN

As always, Phyre Dojo is available and here to support the Global Tribe of PhyreKeepers toward Mastery of Phryction PhyreKeeping.

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